Green Building Energy Sustainability (GBES) uses Infrared Technology to help bring Sustainability issues to life in our industry. We use basic infrared science to find problems not evident to the naked eye. Specialized infrared cameras allow a trained thermographer to detect flaws, or “anomalies,” in the inspection field. The Infrared Camera detects and represents objects with an infrared wavelength (3000-14000 nanometers) rather than a visible wavelength (400-700 nanometers). Lights and other relatively hot objects are prominent due to their heat emissions and not their light emissions. Infrared cameras can now measure 60 micro Kelvin (µK, about 1/10 of a degree in Fahrenheit ) or less and have sufficient resolution to provide visual clues about thermal indications commonly found in specific problems.

Infrared Technology is used to locate anomalies in numerous construction disciplines.

  • Hard coat and Synthetic coat (EIFS) applications
  • Roof scans to locate moisture under the roof membrane to minimize roof repairs or replacement
  • Electrical switchgear to locate electrical problems before they become an overload or electrical fire
  • Moisture intrusion problems and source location challenges
  • Block wall scans to determine the location and consistency of grout cores necessary for structural integrity
  • Energy Audits

Infrared Cameras and the knowledge to properly use them are powerful tools for detecting water in buildings and electrical problems. Our inspectors are Level I, II, or III Thermographers trained to find moisture and electrical issues with this tool. If GBES can help you evaluate your existing building or plan for the construction of a new building, please give our staff of Engineers a call to start on your project. Our Office number is 940-891-3803.

We have a dedicated phone for our Spanish-speaking clients. If we can answer questions or schedule an inspection, please call us at 682-246-8150.