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Mechanical and Energy Engineer IECC #10111758 77/79 Resnet HERS Rater 0311071 Commercial Air Balancing

Adrian Jourdan
GBES President

Adrian Jourdan is a Mechanical and Energy Engineer whose expertise spans the domains of residential and commercial energy inspection. He is a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rater and a recognized authority in evaluating and optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings. Adrian is bilingual in English and Spanish, and he is committed to sustainability and energy conservation as he assesses structures to ensure they meet the highest energy performance standards.

Adrian generates Manual J/S/D calculations for residential properties and is certified in commercial air balancing. He is passionate about environmental responsibility as he is pivotal in creating comfortable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly spaces. Adrian’s dedication to the mechanical engineering and energy efficiency field helps transform structures into energy-efficient, sustainable properties. He strives to shape a greener and more efficient future for residential and commercial spaces.

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IECC #10164111 77/79 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology Undergraduate Academic Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering Technologies

Luis Chabes
GBES Vice President

He is a Spanish-speaking Fort Worth native and first-generation college graduate. Luis pursued a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of North Texas. He worked in the construction field as an apprentice for many years under his father, a Residential Framing contractor.  Luis has always been captivated by the art of digital modeling and building homes. His degree in Engineering has helped him understand energy efficiency more deeply with courses such as Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics. Thermodynamics science has tremendous importance regarding Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency. Luis started performing 3rd party energy code inspections, pressure testing, and Thermal Imaging in 2021. He has continued to learn and grow his expertise daily in the field. Luis is certified as a Residential and Commercial energy inspector with the International Code Council. He is working towards becoming a Home Energy (HERS )Rater with the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). 


IECC #10276573 79

Jeremy Wentz
GBES Secretary

Jeremy is a passionate fisherman, dog lover, and a devoted family man. He welcomes his newly born daughter, Riley, to this world in August 2023. Jeremy has a remarkable background in Quality Control, Customer Service, and Hospitality from his tenure at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California. He worked with a California Builder as an Associate Loan Officer.   Jeremy was also a Landscaping Supervisor when he worked and oversaw crews of workers. His infusion of knowledge, experience, and professionalism into his role as an Energy Code Inspector, Stucco Inspector, and Infrared Thermographer with GBES. Jeremy merges his interest in construction and Energy Efficiency with an unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism to improve the world. He is hard-working and dedicated, with a can-do attitude that brings an exceptional quality to the business and profession.


Certified Energy Manager 25143 ICC 5242295 77/78/79, ECS, G1, G8 Level III Thermographer 9632 TREC Professional Inspector #129

Jim Hemsell
GBES Treasurer

Jim Hemsell has been a building inspector for over 40 years and helped evaluate over 30,000 residential and commercial buildings. He is a Certified Energy Manager with AEE, Level III Thermographer, and HERS Rater. Jim holds 6 ICC certifications in Energy and Green Building inspections and is a Certified EDI Stucco inspector. He is a retired TREC Professional Inspector and Lead Paint Risk Assessor.

Jim has helped start numerous businesses, bringing experience and perspective to Green Building Energy Sustainability. He is dedicated to improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial and Residential buildings and improving the Sustainability of buildings and businesses using technology and Predictive Preventive Maintenance practices. Jim helps handle GBES finances, sales, scheduling, training, and company development.