Energy Modeling

Green Building Energy Sustainability (GBES) uses professional Energy Modeling software to create a digital profile of the building to demonstrate compliance with the local Energy Code. Once that profile has been completed, we offer an online consulting package to meet with our clients to check what effects are achievable when you change out variables like wall insulation, window U and SHGC values, ERVs, and HVAC components.

Demonstration of Energy Code compliance is through one of several different Energy Paths.

  1. The Prescriptive Path uses the values from the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) code book. Straight, easy to follow that yields a compliance path based on BTU (British Thermal Unit) calculations of energy moving through floors, walls, doors, windows, and ceilings.
  2. The UA (U Value of the Assembly) has limited tradeoffs between the floors, walls, doors, windows, and ceilings, but the heat transfer is still based on BTU movement.
  3. The Performance Path uses computer software to calculate the Energy Cost, based on the annual utility cost to measure the Energy Efficiency of the building. An HVAC must be installed to access this path. Once you have HVAC and water heating for the structure, you can equate the cost to operate the house to the utility bills, and most of the energy components can become variables. Change one or many, and you can see the effects on a typical annualized cost of the utilities.
  4. The ERI (Energy Reference Index) Path uses an indexed reference scale to measure Energy Efficiency and opens the rest of the Energy Components as variables that can be changed. Ait Infiltration into the building, HVAC duct leakage, and whole house Ventilation are part of those expanded variables.
  5. Depending on BOPs (Builder Option Packages), different code jurisdictions may have other Paths. BOPs are a pre-designation set of Energy Variables that go together as a package or set of options) EnergyStar, ASHRAE 90.1, ICC 700, and LEEDs are just a few options. Sometimes these BOPs are tied to code requirements, loan credit terms, or tax credits in different markets.

Regardless of your needs, we have the experience and staff to help meet your needs. If GBES can help you evaluate your existing building or plan for the construction of a new building, please give our team of Engineers a call to start on your project. Our Office number is 940-808-1430.We have a dedicated phone for our Spanish-speaking clients. If we can answer questions or schedule an inspection, please call us at 682-246-8150