Green Building Planning

Green Building Planning covers a lot of ground for Green Building Energy Sustainability (GBES) for Residential, Commercial, or Industrial buildings. The design goals help balance the facility space, building design, style of construction, indoor air quality, local environmental and regulatory issues, energy goals, sustainable construction, and tax advantages. There is no “one size fits all” template.

Architects do a great job of creating spaces using design, materials, and atmosphere. Engineers work hard to integrate planning, equipment, and concepts into those designs. Buildings can be beautiful but leak or fail prematurely. Integration in design, science energy codes, and functional testing is the only way to achieve measurable results.

Green Building Energy Sustainability Inc (GBES) has Engineers, certified Energy Code inspectors, and RESNET HERS Raters to help evaluate construction as it is happening and then perform testing afterward to ensure benchmarks are achieved in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable designs. Energy Modeling helps us determine specific energy goals and incorporate design features such as Solar generation and meeting specific Energy Codes. The software allows us to understand the Heat Loads on the structure so that HVAC equipment is appropriately sized and ducted to meet comfort issues.

GBES integrates Infrared Technology into our inspections to help determine if problems exist or become more significant issues in the future. In many jurisdictions, Pressure Testing of the Building Envelope and Duct systems is required to make energy-efficient design possible. Building Commissioning is often necessary to ensure the building is functioning correctly to be turned over to the owners. Building Recommissioning is a process to help older buildings meet their original energy goals long after construction has finished.

All this starts with planning upfront at the beginning of the process. It does not happen alone or become a by-product of good intentions. We believe that Better Planning creates a more efficient tomorrow. If GBES can help you evaluate your existing building or plan for the construction of a new building, please give our staff of Engineers a call to start on your project. Our Office number is 940-808-1430.

We have a dedicated phone for our Spanish-speaking clients. If we can answer questions or schedule an inspection, please call us at 682-246-8150

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