Energy efficiency is an essential consideration in a time of rising energy costs. New construction uses modern energy codes like the Internal Energy Conservation Code (IECC) to ensure the building is energy efficient. Green Building Energy Efficiency (GBES) performs 3rd Party Energy Code Inspections to ensure compliance with these energy codes on Residential and Commercial buildings. The energy code evolves every three years, so the current energy-efficient horizon is constantly changing as new technology and construction practices change. New structures can easily be 30 – 50% more efficient than buildings built just 5 or 10 years ago.

The key to these improvements is computerized Energy Modeling that creates a digital profile of the building to ensure it meets one of several paths to energy efficiency. A residential building can use software like Ekotrope software to navigate between one of 5 or 6 alternate energy paths for equitable energy efficiency. ComCheck or EnergyStar Portfolio Manager is used on new and existing Commercial and Industrial buildings to set and meet energy efficiency goals and benchmarks.

A recent change to the energy code is Building Envelope Pressure Testing and Duct Pressure Testing to maximize energy efficiency in Residential and Commercial buildings. If you tighten the building envelope, less outside air leaks into the structure, allowing for reduced Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) run times. Less HVAC duct leakage assures that your conditioned air is making it to various rooms to improve occupant comfort and maximize energy efficiency.

The new energy code and increases in energy costs are moving our building into a new era of Solar energy and Electric vehicles. Our engineers can evaluate your needs and help you understand and comply with the Energy Code.

We aim for an energy-efficient building to improve its energy efficiency and usage. If GBES can help you evaluate your existing building or plan for the construction of a new building, please give our staff of Engineers a call to start on your project. Our Office number is 940-891-3803.

We have a dedicated phone for our Spanish-speaking clients. If we can answer questions or schedule an inspection, please give us a call at 682-246-8150.