Infrared Block wall

Infrared Block wall

Green Building Energy Sustainability (GBES) uses Infrared Technology to help locate electrical problems generating heat. Overloaded circuits, loose connections, defective breakers, and problematic compressors are just a few of the conditions that Infrared Technology can help locate before they become a more significant issue that can cause a fire or shut down of a plant or assembly line. The IR camera does not detect visible light wavelengths (400-700 nanometers); instead, it only sees infrared wavelengths of 3000-14000 nanometers.

When an image is taken with one of our high-resolution Infrared cameras, it is recorded on the camera’s internal memory and then converted to a digital image file with the help of a computer. The image may be modified in several ways to enhance its value to the end user. The images were digitized and then adjusted for contrast and brightness before being scaled and placed into our custom program and report software.

Having an infrared Electrical Scan performed can help save money by finding and solving problems before they get critical. Many insurance companies now require that an infrared inspection be performed periodically to ensure that any exceptions that could cause failure are diagnosed and treated.

Infrared Cameras and the knowledge to properly use them are powerful GBES tools for detecting water in buildings and electrical problems. Our inspectors are Level I, II, or III Thermographers trained to find moisture and electrical issues with this tool. If GBES can help you evaluate your existing building or plan for the construction of a new building, please give our staff of Engineers a call to start on your project. Our Office number is 940-891-3803.

We have a dedicated phone for our Spanish-speaking clients. If we can answer questions or schedule an inspection, please call us at 682-246-8150.