Energy Audits

Keeping a building sustainable means investing in it to maintain the structure and keep its systems operating efficiently. When the A/C goes out, that investment can mean repairing the old unit or purchasing a new unit. What about the changes in engineering and design between that 20-year-old unit you are replacing and a new high-efficiency unit? What about the old ductwork in the attic that carries the heated and cooled air to various rooms in the house? These issues will affect the ability to heat and cool the structure. Green Building Energy Sustainability (GBES) can help make these issues easier to understand

When a hail storm has damaged a roof, it has to be repaired or replaced. Are there more energy-efficient replacement options when changing that old roof? Will you ever install solar panels on that roof? These are all Sustainability issues to consider, and GBES wants to help.

In the 1960s, during the “Race to the Moon”, Aerospace Engineers quickly discovered that for every pound they could reduce in the capsule, they could reduce the size of the Booster Rocket by 3 pounds. Suppose you can reduce the heating and cooling load on your house. You may be able to reduce the size of the HVAC system.

GBES Home Energy Performance (HEP) Audits are a great way to start the evaluation process on Residences. Your home has an insulated Building Envelope that leaks air into and out of the building. We can install a Blower Door to depressurize the structure to measure that leakage and then use an Infrared Camera to locate the source of the leaks and missing insulation. Reducing air leakage has one of the highest Return on Investment (ROI)

GBES will inspect the property to determine the energy component values (your Insulation package) and system efficiencies (such as the HVAC size and SEER rating). We then take that information and compile a report with images of the problems and recommendations based on your ROI.

GBES can perform Manual J, S, and D calculations to find the proper equipment and duct size to heat and cool your home. We can generate Energy Reports to help you determine the cost-effectiveness of different upgrade considerations.

If GBES can a Home Energy Performance Audit, please give our staff of Engineers a call to start on your project. Our Office number is 940-891-3803.We have a dedicated phone for our Spanish-speaking clients. If we can answer questions or schedule an inspection, please call us at 682-246-8150